I’m so lost In what I want to pursue in life, at one point in time I believed that I wanted to be a child psychologist because I wanted to right the wrongs that I had to go through but In university I had a chance to experience what a therapist/counselor had to and I came to terms that it’s not something I wanted to do. So in accordance to this I scheduled an appointment with a career couch through the University, because I know I needed guidance. The career coach was nice and she showed me some great ways to get into a job field and that was great but I don’t know what I want to do yet so in the end I learned some great tricks but I still have no answer to my question.

…I’ve lived my life to make others happy that I don’t know what makes me happy. It feels like I am in a pitch dark room walking aimlessly around. I reached out for help in hopes to get some guidance but I did not get that. And again I am lost In hopes that MAYBE something will click.

I envy those who know what they will do. I lie awake just thinking what ifs in hope that in these thoughts that an answer will come, but that has yet to happen.

Published by lawofitzy

Just a girl trying to make it through life.

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