The new male on Tinder

So my mom like many Mexican moms wants grandchildren so to appease her and also to help her understand the app I decided to downloaded it. I talked to a couple people I got someone some nice others a bit sketchy claiming to be in the army and asking for clothes and electronics. Safe to say I unmatched. I was not taking the chance of being swindled by a con.

But a trend I noticed was that a lot of the guys were unwilling to be the ones to message first. Safe to say I’m very shy and most if not every correspondence I had were ones I initiated. Don’ t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a girl making the first move, I just wonder when we got to the point that guys don’t put any effort. Even in some conversations it’s like i’m talking to a dead tree.

Then we also have the guys that match say hi and don’t respond after you say hi back. People may say that I might be attracting the wrong guys. Who knows maybe I am. What I do know is that I swipe based on bio’s. I am open to both finding friendship and maybe a relationship. I make that clear to people I speak so that they don’t feel like there has to be a straight romance factor. It’s confusing as to why the roles are reversed and the girls have to do the chasing but the guys also don’t want a girl to be too forward or too clingy. Isn’t that what you want since you want the girl to make the first move?

Now making the first move and being clingy may not be the same thing but when a girl makes the first move it often has the connotation of being clingy. So what is it that guys want?

Sure women want to be equal to men but that does not mean that we woman should have to do the whole work. Starting the conversation and keeping it. I’d appreciate any thoughts or any experiences others have had.

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Just a girl trying to make it through life.

3 thoughts on “The new male on Tinder

  1. Unfortunately, it appears this is the way this generation is going. It seems in the push for “women’s rights,” we have stripped them down to being man’s equal, thus, their competitor and conqueror. For the most part, men are created with an inner desire to conquest and devour whatever challenge they are given. They have an inner desire to be the hero, the rescuer, the “Superman to Lois Lane.” In the midst of demands for equality and feminism, this thought has been mocked and ridiculed so much in modern society, that no one speaks the truth of it anymore, but the truth will still stand, regardless, of who agrees or disagrees. … just my “old fashioned” opinion…but if I’m right, maybe “old fashioned” isn’t too bad… 😉


    1. *should have finished thought: … and because of the modern demands, the striving for courage, determination and just plain pursuit has been replaced with apathy, avoidance and defeat in too many a modern man. Maybe we, as women, should step back and let them conquer a few things without us and allow that guest for conquest to be rebirthed. Being different did a man doesn’t make us weaker, and it doesn’t make us better or worse. It makes us unique and special, and it allows us all to fit together like a beautiful tapestry of life.


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