I’m so lost In what I want to pursue in life, at one point in time I believed that I wanted to be a child psychologist because I wanted to right the wrongs that I had to go through but In university I had a chance to experience what a therapist/counselor had to and IContinue reading “Lost”

Mini Existential Crisis

So if I have not said it before I will say it again, I am a psychology major and am currently going to a university to further my education. I just thought some context was required for this story. So, today my professor was lecturing about Existential Therapy. Which has to do with putting importanceContinue reading “Mini Existential Crisis”

A new Journey

I’ve never been one to do something out of my comfort zone. That being said continuing school was always part of the plan. I took around a 2-3 year break Involuntarily after getting my first degree in psychology. I made a big decision and enrolled in a university outside of my town. This was reallyContinue reading “A new Journey”


I see friends or should I say people I used to know interact with their friends, and honestly it’s beautiful and sad thing to see. Were my friendships like that? I remember at the time feeling like those were my moments. They still live on and talk and just do things together but me. I’mContinue reading “Friends”


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Embrace the gorgeous mess that you are.

Eliza Gilbert

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